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data science conference san francisco 2019

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data science conference san francisco 2019

Join 3,000 precision medicine and life science innovators at Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 28th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Virtual Conference & Expo, February 16-18. Pre-Register for 2021 2019 … Suspendisse dictum feugiat nisl ut dapi proin quis tortor orcitiam at risus et justo praesent id metus massa, ut blandit odio. He thrives in early-stage startup environments, and works primarily in Go, Python, and Rust. As you can see, your employee will learn a ton of valuable information on open source tools that can be applied at your uber-cool company. Save 15% with code KDNUGGETS. May 31 - Jun 4, Predictive Analytics World for Financial Services. The conference brings together top industry executives and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science can transform your business. The goal of the Data Architecture Summit is to provide a comprehensive educational program that defines the essential elements of a modern Data … Since the late 90's, Poblenou has transformed into a city of knowledge, with its abandoned factories being used for new economic activities, design studios and housing adapted to the needs of today. We truly believe in authentic and deeply technical community events and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do. Mar 25-28, Strata Data Conference. We are part of the international data community but care deeply about local data communities as well, no big € sponsors here, just data nerds, like you & I. The purpose of the 8th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications (DATA) is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested on databases, big data, data mining, data management, data … Dallas, TX, USA. Tired of mega-conferences where its hard to interact with people? Does the event or conference force all sponsors into one unique track where all sponsors give talks (labeled or not)., Text-to-speech function is limited to 200 characters. Phasellus molestie magna non est bibendum non venenatis nisl tempor. Data Science Salon. Are the speaker submission, review & acceptance process open to or including the public. The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. Just fill out this form and we'll send them an email. We post on our news site daily. Data Science Salon is an annual data science conference series focusing on … Through our intentional matching opportunities you'll meet data influencers who will positively impact your career. The Conference… Our European Data Council event is hosted this year at UTOPIA126 in Poblenou's 22@ district, which has quickly become Barcelona's tech and startup hub. Black Hat USA enters its 23rd year as “the … During his time at Badi, he scaled up from 0 to 1+ million users and he directly contributed to secure $45M VC funding in Europe and US. PyData, Jan. 9-11, 2019. 9:10 - 9:30 Medical Research - on the Move with AI Atul Butte, MD, PhD,Director, Bakar Computational Health Sciences … Join data scientists, AI and ML experts, analysts, business users, and managers for an afternoon of discussions on best practices, use cases, and cutting-edge tools. And keep a lookout for special discount codes, only available to our newsletter subscribers! Location: Boston. Well that is if you will allow your employee to go? Format: Virtual. Sed auctor neque eu tellus rhoncus ut eleifend nibh porttitor. These tracks can be shorter than the full length of the conference or event. As a, Data Council is a really a great conference for technical talks with real insights to data engineering challenges and solutions. Barcelona has many factors that are making it increasingly attractive for big corporations as well as small startups: quality of life, pool of talent, affordability, tech ecosystem, etc. I'm an mid-level data analyst on the west coast that works primarily in #Python. "Building Resilient Machine Learning Pipelines with IoT Data" by Hedi Razavi, Keewi Inc. Keynote #2: Panel on "Data Security and Privacy in the Age of Machine Learning" with Soups Ranjan (moderator), Rupa Parameswaran, Arun Krishnaswamy, Praneeth Vepakomma, Abe Gong, "Tactical Data Engineering" by Julian Hyde, Looker, "Dagster: A New Programming Model for Data Processing" by Nick Schrock, Elementl, "Building a Distributed Data Access Layer for Analytics on Any Cloud" by Bin Fan, Alluxio, "Spatial Data Science Methods for Improving Models" by Andy Eschbacher, Carto, "Distributed SQL Databases Deconstructed" by Sid Choudhury & Karthik Ranganathan, YugaByte, "Swimming in the Data River, or, When “Streaming Analytics” Isn’t" by Gian Merlino, Imply, Closing Keynote #3: "How to Make Fewer Bad Decisions" by Eric Colson & Daragh Sibley, Stitch Fix, "Introducing Switch: A Framework for Custom Data Applications" by Josh Ferguson, Mode, "Fighting Churn with Data" by Carl Gold, Zuora, "Building a Programming By Example (PBE) Framework in Trifacta: Lessons Learned and Implications for Data Analytics" by Anish Doshi, Trifacta, "The History and Anatomy of Apache Superset" by Max Beauchemin, Stealth, "Delphi: A Hybrid Approach to Forecasting a Global Marketplace" by Kai Brusch, Airbnb, "Building Real-Time Analytics Applications Using Apache Pinot: A Case Study of LinkedIn" by Kishore Gopalakrishna, Stealth, "Bighead: Airbnb's End-to-End Machine Learning Platform" by Andrew Hoh, Airbnb, "Balancing Broad Data Access with Usability at Scale" by Austin Wilt, Slack, "Machine Learning Infrastructure at an Early Stage" by Spencer Barton, Branch International, "Appifying Data Science Workflows to Create Composable, User-Friendly Data Pipeline Products" by Austen Head, Quid, "Building a Data-Powered Sales Intelligence Platform" by Durgam Vahia, LinkedIn, "Scaling Data Products Under Startup Constraints: A Case Study of ML Bias Testing" by Edwin Ong, TinyData, 8:00 - 9:00AM: Registration and Breakfast, 9:00 - 9:15AM: Welcome, announcements & track host intros. Competitive data collected is accurate from "", "", "", and "" as of January 23, 2019. Register For Free. Twitter: @odsc. Last year, ODSC welcomed nearly 20,000 attendees to an unparalleled range of events, from large conferences to hackathons and small community gatherings. Fisher Banquet Hall,1675 Owens St. San Francisco Final Agenda. We’d actually love to have the both of you attend. This year we are increasing the number of tracks to extend our offerings to even more data geeks. As an engineer who works on open-source. The Accelerate AI conference series is where executives and business professionals meet the best and brightest innovators in AI and Data Science. Open Data Science Conference. Mar 11-13, BI + Analytics Conference. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Alpha Health, a moonshot backed by Telefonica with the goal of improving life for billions of people. . A full day of tutorials will be held Wednesday, April 3, with the official conference … Is the conference limited to under 500 attendees, in order to maximize the value for attendees. Cambridge, MA 02142 San Francisco, CA, USA. Description: Attend AnacondaCON 2019 on April 3-5, to learn how to harness innovations in data science, machine learning, and AI and respond at the speed required by today’s digital interactions. The conference brings together top industry executives and CxOs to help you understand how AI and data science can transform your business. WiDS started as a one-day technical conference … The Data Science Conference is a uniquely excellent conference. This big marketing analytics and data science will take place from 8 – 10 of April 2019 at Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA. The organizers curate a great mix of topics. Conveniently located within 1km from central Barcelona and close to metro and city buses. The event includes 2 full days and lots speakers in different tracks, breakfast, lunch, as well as a after-party, and networking opportunities with the best of the best in the data world. is not the standard watered-down “big data” conference you might have attended previously - instead we are built and run by software engineers, developers and data geeks. The Leading Data Science Conference RETURNS San Francisco, ... and General Chair (2019) of the International Conference of Machine Learning (ICML); he is also the Associate Department Head of … Pete Soderling is currently the founder & CEO of Data Council. We will show them the benefits of sending you to the event (we will of course BCC you on the email) -, Improve employee engagement, retention, and recruitment efforts. Innovation Center There are other events that cover special topics, or industries, etc., but ODSC is comprehensive and totally community-focused: it's the conference to engage, to build, to develop, and to learn from the whole data science community. DATA 2019 will be held in conjunction with ICSOFT 2019 and ICETE 2019. 2019 Translational Bioinformatics Track The AMIA 2019 Informatics Summit follows the tradition of offering an exciting, innovative and engaging program around four main areas: Translational Bioinformatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Implementation Informatics and Data Science. Data Council is not the standard watered-down “big data” conference you might have attended previously - instead we are built and run by software engineers, developers and data geeks. Is some form of food, drinks or snacks provided. We are good at detecting bullshit, but in case we missed it, just let us know at and we will make it right! Black Hat USA. Want to present a talk at our next data science & engineering event? (After that we offer to transfer your ticket to a colleague or a future Data Council event). Industries covered include Finance, Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail,  Marketing, Transportation and more. Ut in nulla enim. Description: At Data Summit 2019, you’ll hear the innovative approaches the world’s leading companies are taking to solve today’s key challenges in data management. Data Council was really great. He has led back-end development at companies like RankScience and; created a rigorous, open-source time-series benchmarking suite for InfluxData; and rapidly prototyped software in a skunkworks-type product lab. UTOPIA126's historical and industrial place is a multi-functional space used by artists, market vendors and for meetings. Date: August 1-6, 2020. ODSC hosts one of the largest gatherings of professional data scientists, with major conferences in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Subject: Your Employee wants to attend Data Council. We will never sell your data and you can unsubscribe at any time, see our privacy policy for details. Here at the Open Data Science Conference we gather the attendees, presenters, and companies that are shaping the present and future of AI and data science. Our event will include hundreds of attendees and many speakers from top data teams across different industries. Sed auctor neque eu tellus rhoncus ut eleifend nibh porttitor. Does the conference or event offer Speakers Office Hours. Offers extra workshops, tracks, recordings, sessions or other additions which are charged separately from the conference or event ticket price. I’m writing because I have some great news: Your very cool data geek wants to attend the next edition  of Data Council. , I’m writing because I have some great news: Your very cool data geek wants to attend the next. He helps maintain Google’s FlatBuffers project, one of the world’s fastest serialization libraries. Institute for Data Science and Big Data Online: Jan 4 - Jan 15, 2021: NA: Women in AI Virtual Evening Online: Jan 19, 2021: NA: Discount: Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit Online: Jan 28 - Jan 29, 2021: …,,, Connect with hundreds of other high achievers at the 4th edition of California’s Premier Data Science Conference… Click here to buy ticketsSell tickets online with Ticket Tailor, Want to get your company to pay for your Data Council ticket? The meeting took place in San Francisco, CA, during February 18-20, 2019, and provided an international forum to discuss the latest developments in the field of material science and engineering. Open Data Science and I will celebrate learning and sharing at Data Council. Are multiple unique tracks with separate content offered. ODSC has an active online community. Alberto holds a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies with a specialization in Affective Computing and Empathic Systems. Data Science for Social Good The Web Conference 2019 Workshop May 14th 2019, San Francisco, USA The need for social innovation is clear: From climate change to income inequality to geopolitical … Additionally we unfortunately cannot retroactively apply any special rates, coupons or discounts once the ticket has been purchased. ODSC is the best community data science event on the planet. Minimum length of the conference or event.

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