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my dog won't let me pet him anymore

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my dog won't let me pet him anymore

Instead, stop where you are and let the dog realize that returning to you is the way to get you to move forward. Agreed :) Our dog hated the eye drops we had to administer two times a day for weeks. Lovely photographs! We'll run around together and she'll let me pet her. If it doesn't help, give a call to your vet, and ask him if he thinks he should be brought in, it sounds fishy, maybe they accidentally hurt him while grooming him. I'm heartbroken that I can't be around her anymore. Maybe he was scared of getting his hair cut and now he feels that he can't trust anyone. old border collie a week ago. Fear would come more from a physical abuse with possibly emotional abuse combined. There could actually be something wrong, otherwise talk to some different groomers. I learned another information about the different types of dog poop. Treats paired with a clicker help teach your dog new behaviors., food grade dimetaceous earth is much better to dust around the house and it kills fleas and other small bugs but is non toxic to us and pets if eaten,…. I've never owned a cat who didn't end up acting like a dog, rolling over for tummy pets, talking and interacting with me. If your old dog won’t sleep at night, it may be indicative of some underlying health problems. Dog care and pet care is about the basic care of your pet. How long is the training. “We adopted a 9 mo. Home > Dog Training > Q & A: Why won’t my adopted dog let me pet her? Let the dog come to … In fact, I probably won’t have any contact with the other dog and will just let them go back to normal behavior. I hope you can work this out as this is a very kind breed and loving dog. How come my dog just won't let me pet him anymore? No kibble is healthy for a dog. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You will need to teach her gently to know what it is to be loved and appreciated, setting it at her pace alone. Don't start grooming him just yet; let him feel the brush on his coat, and be sure to reward him with treats and love. He is the one who developed Primalix Cancer. My dog is about ten-twelve years old and i’ve has him since he was about six. Try giving him a treat when he lets you near him and just talk nice to him without touching him for a while. This category focuses on dogs who are special needs: blind, limb removed, paralyzed, etc. I would even try an animal muscular skeletal therapist or animal chiropractor to find out if he's in pain. Dogs have minds like that. Try to see if she's hurting in one particular place, but be gentle. Or something has happened that you have not thought to connect to this behaviour. A puppy can be abused emotionally which would cause an indifferent attitude. He does this with my BF, but when I take him out he flaps his wings like crazy and if I try and pet him he bites me and just tries to run up my … You can sign in to vote the answer. Also, when I take her to the park, it's like she's normal again. Once your dog happily allows you to pick him up nine out of 10 times, it’s time to wean your dog from treats. old border collie a week ago. Max Won’t Let Me Sleep at Night Dr. Carter discusses doggie Alzheimer's and how you can help your senior dog. The only thing the matter with kibble is that it is dry. You may need to take her to a vet, and he/she will want some idea where your dog hurts, and how long it she has been hurting. One of the best dogs for this sort of job, my son has one and believe me, they are the perfect dog if time is well spent. This involves bathing, feeding, clipping toenails, basic grooming, water, exercise and so on. I do not know how well you researched this breed before bringing her home, but they are very much a worker dog as compared to a little lap companion dog. She had puppies and my boyfriend and I kept one of them which is a male and a black lab also who is a year old. This is not her case. Favorite Answer. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Why Won’t My Dog Listen? Help! PetSmart pet trainers are given training in dog training, does this training take place at the store? If he does not like anyone at all touching him, it might be time to get the vet to do a thorough examination of him. ~ See all questions and answers ~ “We adopted a 9 mo. My 2 year old cat, Jynx, has started acting real skittish lately and won't let me pet him. In animals, it is commonly used as a very potent tranquilizer. Well recently for the past 3 months whenever she is laying next to me or really close to me and he tries to get close she starts growling at him and then snaps at him … When she comes out, I am not going to exploit or fawn over the other dog to make a point. Once he stops pulling and returns to you, praise him and give him a a treat. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Each groomer does things just a little differently. Rubbing it in her face will undoubtedly make it worse, but I will also not keep the other dog from me. It takes patience to earn trust, so keep playing the role of the pack leader, and your dog should warm up to you. He might just need to regain his confidence in you. Hmm... that is strange... try feeding him treats and taking him out for walks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Most dogs dislike being touched on the top of the head, on the muzzle, ears, legs, paws, and tail. My Dog Is Not Affectionate Toward Me — Help! ... Maybe you can train him to give high-fives or praise him with a healthy treat every time he lets you pet his head for a short moment. Relevance. A dog will survive on kibble, but they will not thrive. He’s always been a bit suborn and lazy (part pug) but recently he’s been hurting my feelings. She acts this way towards my girlfriend too. Nine months is never too late to teach that type of bonding – only time and love. Health care information on is NOT meant to replace a veterinarian visit. She's a black lab. Or he may just be cold, who knows, but try the treats and nice things. My Dog is Scared of See-Through Steps. Good luck. Reply from Caroline: You don't say, Patricia, whether Shadow is … 1 3. A beautiful and enlightening trip through Montana through your eyes. If your dog doesn’t listen to you, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons.) This is a guillotine-style nail trimmer, which may remind your dog of the French Revolution; I always show my dogs the clipper then call them to me. If you've had your dog for a while, it can be alarming to suddenly wonder, "Maybe my dog doesn't like me anymore," especially if you've always had a close bond. If you open your dog’s mouth tightly to push that pill down his throat, there may come a time when he won’t let you touch his mouth anymore. 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Published July 25, 2013 Updated July 25, 2013 . Here is a link that may help you with your little dog…I ran across it the other day and thought of you. If you attempt to pet a dog and he responds with dominant behavior like showing the white of his eyes or raising a stiff tail, stop petting him and give him space. And now all of a sudden he walks up to me like he usually dose when he wants to be petted if I touch him he snaps at me if I get my had remotely near him he growls at me I mean what the h*** and lately Iv been getting really frustrated with it. Lv 4. Do you ever ask yourself that? My friends dog bit me on the stomach last night for literally no reason? I'll try petting him again and giving him a treat. My dog started limping so I took him to an emergency vet? Highly intelligent, they were bred to herd livestock as adults. A dog like that moves from home to home, causing her to build up a wall of reserve for protection. Petting should be gentle and calming for both you and the dog. 2.9K views 7 Answers. She is not eating, we have been giving her baby food in syringes. Ok so I have had my chihuahua for 14 years now! Dogs’ preferences range from belly rubs to neck, shoulder and head petting to back scratches. Suggestions?”. And is mainly useful in calming anxious dogs. But as a last resort, the worst thing for her is to return her to the shelter if she is not the type of dog you need. Do know if your dog goes back to his scampering ways, it’s time to bring the goodies back out and practice some more. ? I hope your cuddles are soon restored. PLEASE take your pet to a vet immediately at any sign of odd behavior or severe symptoms of illness or injury. Stop by our partner site for fundraising tips: An assistance dog is trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. One of the most heart-wrenching things is when a dog bites its owner or, worse, someone else. All dogs can be good listeners, but they need the proper guidance and relationship with their owners to achieve this. A lot of his fluff got cut off so maybe he's colder now? The good news is that there are solutions that can help some senior dogs get the rest they need. Posted Oct 23, 2014 Texas football player charged in attack on referee, Conway: It looks like Biden and Harris will prevail, White House signals no rush on coronavirus stimulus, Cyrus says marriage was 'last attempt to save' herself, Viral photo of iPads illustrates grim new reality, Ex-GOP congresswoman asks God to give Trump 2nd term, NBA star has lost staggering number of relatives to COVID, SEC: Cheesecake Factory has misled its investors, Jessica Simpson opens up about struggles with dyslexia, Native Americans could make a difference in Georgia. 5 years ago. There must be an underlying problem and it could even be his health or he could be in pain. Am I missing something? Thank you so much for letting us tag along! My husband and I have a 9 month old Border Collie, he is a good dog, but have noticed lately that when people come around to pet him, he is good to let people pet him and some he just nips at them. If your dog wants to leave, let him go and try again later. Your choices would be to check out a nearby rancher with livestock who already has Border Collies  and knows the breed well or a Border Collie rescue. If you feed…, I really am appalled at your outdated info on kibble. What is going on with him? She only acts this way at home, especially at night. and does not chew on everything in site, is intelligent and loves to play with toys, she is indifferent to our affection and will not allow us to pet her. He only comes to me when I have food and he begs for it. Two things are going on here. 1 decade ago. It does NOT decrease pain. I have…, I really am enjoying this site,I look forward to learning more...Thank You. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. Why won’t my newly adopted 9 month border collie let me pet her or play with her? I just wish Shadow would let me pet him and get closer to me. If livestock is not available, they herd what is available – children, other pets or cars. VIDEO: My Dog Won’t Allow Me To Pick Him Up This may be a reason to be concerned. Your Bed is Too Soft. One of a dog owner’s greatest frustrations can be a dog that doesn’t listen to what they are told to do. This may be the right time to ask, what did I do? It is somewhat in every dog’s instinct … Get your answers by asking now. My Online Vet Response for: Yeast ear infection in a dog that won’t allow ear drops by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman . Why won't my cat let me pet him anymore? Also, I let them come to me so I know they’re feeling comfortable and won’t … How do I get joint custody of him? Border Collies mature around two years of age, so you have plenty of time to work with her. This is the part of the conditioning process where most dogs either tense up or flee. While she is housebroken, (yay!) And your…, "Great article! The title seems quite misleading to me in light of this. Just give your dog some time and maybe he'll see that there is nothing to be afraid of. My dog has blastomycosis. he either has rabies, is sick, or just walked in from the Pet Cemetery. How many times stronger is dog’s sense of smell comparing the humans? She is not bored or indifferent to something she doesn’t  recognize, which is love and trust. Open this photo in gallery: Amberly McAteer. Then why not mix it with chicken, broth, canned food, or gravy off the table? Now, normally, all dogs will learn to love all their owners. Craven Morehead. If you’re training in a safe area and your dog isn’t doing anything besides sniffing the ground (while ignoring you), recovering them shouldn’t be too hard. Please read our writer’s guidelines HERE. It sounds as if she has never been socialized much by whoever had her before you. who woud win in a fight  german shepherd or a great dane? As Cesar Milan says, it's not the dog being traumatized, it's how the humans react to the situation. Why won’t my dog let me pet him? I did not see any homeopathic remedies suggested in this article. Still have questions? Like all the things that make us fade from one person, there must be something causing your dog’s distance between the two of you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Another thing is the fact she is a Border Collie. I don’t hide the clipper from them because that can breed mistrust. This category involves various dog worms, fleas, ticks, and similar fields. Hi Bruce, Acepromazine is a phenothiazine derivative antipsychotic drug. My dog won't let me or the vet near him with a q-tip, stick (for smearing on meds), or gloves. If your dog pulls when on a leash, don’t pull back. Published by. You must be devastated. How do you think about the answers? They think you're going to do something to it and it makes them frightened so they walk away. We accept dog-related  articles from guest writers on WayCoolDogs! It is hard…, Is it possible for a sniffer dog to locate a dog that has been stolen that is in a house in the neighborhood in which he was stolen. Touch his back with the brush. It can be coming from a number of causes. Hi! This is a natural born instinct with them and one they live for. and does not chew on everything in site, [: Maybe he was scared of getting his hair cut and now he feels that he can't trust anyone. I would suggest training classes eventually due to her intelligence and personality to fulfill this need in her. While she is housebroken, (yay!) I have a soon to be 3 yr old goldendoodle who has some dog to dog aggression and is a resource guarder. Q & A: Why won’t my adopted dog let me pet her? Without it, they will need to have activity in their life like daily walks and playing fetch once she settles down. Maybe your pet is fine with the stairs inside, but they won’t go up or down deck stairs or any stairs that have spaces between them. Be patient. He could have a caught nerve or have pulled a muscle or ligament which hurts when he's on his back or something similar. This category focuses on the elderly old dogs and special needs dogs. Today’s Question: Cheryl: Why won’t my newly adopted 9 month border collie let me pet her or play with her? There is no denial about the fact that fighting with your dog to ingest his pills is not a pleasant task. How is he doing? Welcome to Pet … Please help! Biting someone else can lead to legal issues and the dog being put down. >> For more dog health info, dog stories and fun stuff. on How to Create Appealing Dry Dog Food For Your Pet, on Analyzing Dog Poop—How to Determine Your Pet’s Health, on Cancer in Dogs – Early Treatment by Natural Primalix C-Care Helps Shrink Cancerous Tumors, on Q & A: Info on Canine Winter Coats w/attached Booties, on 4 Tapeworm Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs. She is not scared like she has been abused, but seems to be very…bored with her new surroundings. This means she has come from a questionable breeder and/or has been in questionable homes as a puppy. This category focuses on the many conditions of a dog's skin. The Many Possible Reasons Why your Dog Doesn’t Like You Anymore. Best Places to Pet a Dog. I am my puppy's favorite and he usually loves to be pet and hugged by me. for 6 days. Individual dogs have different sleep surface preferences, just like people do. I love puppies and dogs, as you can tell. I would first find out if this behaviour is the same with other people touching him. (Read our terms of use.). Another thing that may win her over is to always take her for rides with you one she begins to trust you as they love to “be on the move.”. But at times she will let my girlfriend pet her. This category comprises information about dog poop, such as the consistency, color, how it shows symptoms of specific diseases, and so on. My ex won’t let me see our dog. Normally, I usually don't mind about the poop of my dog as long as I see him…. Some bad indicators are first, the aggression, which takes time to build, generally, behind-the-scenes. She will come to you when she trusts that you will not hurt or reject her to another home. Answer Save. We have been treating her with Itraconazole. He recently got a haircut, maybe he is unhappy with that? But what could it be? The issue comes in when your dog is actively evading you or in danger of running into trouble. Here are a few “don’ts” you should know when trying to determine a dog’s favorite petting spot: Don’t try to pet an unfamiliar dog right after being introduced. Any thoughts out there about my situation? [: He also waits by the door when I am using the bathroom, does this mean he is protective or wants attention at that time? when kids are near I don’t let them touch him because I’m afraid he will nip them. Calling a dog behaviorist near Fredericksburg VA is an investment, but it’s one that can reduce struggles that you and your dog have or could have. Never let food be your main source of affection because you'll teach him bad habits and, worse, you can put his weight at risk by overfeeding him. If not try changing how you pet he. If they have suddenly become fearful, comfort them as much as possible and let them re-learn the ins and outs of a staircase on their own time. My bird won't let me pet him anymore My bird steps up fine, and when I used to take him out he would put his head down and have me pet him. Dogs have minds like that. They think you're going to do something to … It could also affect your future interactions with your dog. Hi My name is suzi Bowden and I read about your need for a dog suit with attached boots I wanted to let you know I've been sewing them for…, I have a question - can Primalix Cancer work with Hepatoid gland carcinoma for dogs? … But now whenever I try and pet him or rub his belly, he just gets up and walks away. If I was you, I would contact Gary LaMons at Natural Wonder Pets and ask him. I had to give my chihuahua Duke away to my sister who lives 200 miles away.I had him given to me by my son who got divorced and couldn’t keep him,so he just decided to drop him into me and my wife’s life.We had him for 3,years and Duke became family but my.grand.daughter developed allergies because he shredded more than any dog and licked.

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