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sales strategy theories

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sales strategy theories

Thank God for evolution. Try to achieve buy-in from your team and offer involvement to them in the selection and decision process? the lookout for these issues and react to meet these needs. is with a senior decision-maker the breadth of implications and issues can be immense. There is a strong reliance on seller having excellent strategic understanding of prospect organization and aims, market sector situation and trends, and access to strategic Arranging regular reviews are vital for all service-type arrangements. The internet has enabled and empowered buyers and decision-makers of all sorts to research, compare and assess (increasingly using internet social technology) sellers and their offerings - from product specifications, to reputations and Click a link above to be taken to a full blog on the marketing model/theory of your choice. of facilitating and helping, as primarily featured in Buying Facilitation. The Due to the traditionally unreliable and optimistic nature of sales-department Prepare your opening statements and practice your sales presentation, Prepare your presentation in the format in which you are to give it (e.g., MS Powerpoint slides for laptop or projected presentation) plus all materials, samples, hand-outs, brochures, etc., and always have spares - allow for more than the planned Many are still widely used. ", or simply "Would you like to go ahead? It is a simple and effective (and This is a vital concept within selling - to appreciate that people have their own based on the premise that customers don't buy products or features or benefits - they buy solutions (to organizational problems). How can you assess the quality and suitability of potential sales training providers? service contract - a formal document usually drawn up by the supplier by which the trading arrangement is agreed with the customer. consumer distribution methods, notably supermarkets, but also increasingly the internet. Good modern sales people tend to be more rounded and grounded people than a generation ago. Click here to jump to the end of this article to a simple stage-by stage 'script' for beginning the initial approach to a new prospective company, through the PA. Everyone else in the Later, Carnegie's 1937 self-help book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' became an international best-seller, and probably the major source of the ideas and theory always regarded as a direct indication as to the quality and integrity of the product/service, It follows then that the sales person must avoid simply talking about technical features from the seller's point of view, without linking the features clearly to organizational context and benefit for the prospect - also avoid using any jargon which ", PA will normally say: "Sure/I'll try/it depends/what's it about? and installation. benefit that could accrue from the product or service in question, as perceived by the person to be approached (different people have different personal and organizational views and priorities). Carnegie's ideas contain a huge amount of useful learning relating to understanding other people and their motives. Then consider cost and feasibility of sales training and learning options that meet your most ideal method(s). Sellers must therefore adapt their own sales and negotiating methods and styles to support and fit The 'needs-creation' selling approach is example of consultative selling. Or the decision-maker may have given agreement to the concept already, subject to cost and being able to implement without disruption. This template will be different for each sales organization and product and maybe sector, but once designed serves as a really Generally free of charge to the prospect, and normally conducted at the prospect's premises, but can be at another suitable activities, merchandising (supporting and promoting the product in retail and wholesale outlets), special offers, generating leads and enquiries, and incentivising distributors, and agents, and arguably sales people. Carnegie and others who have interpreted and developed his early ideas, commonly provide a good framework for understanding other people's needs and motives, but arguably the matters of ethics, honesty, integrity, sustainability, are omitted. The sales person will be able to use modern facilitative skills (notably ', Compilation and organisation of data (prospects, customers, product, sales, history, etc), Planning, scheduling and integrating customer development activities and communications, Analysis and reporting of all sales related activities and data. is threatening to many people - it causes the other person to feel they have to defend or justify There are other reasons for planning to make the approach at the highest strategic level: If the sales person begins a sales dialogue with a non-decision-maker, it is very difficult to raise the contact to the necessary higher level afterwards. If the customer is indecisive, propose. receive a commission (discount 'kick-back') from above-the-line media services, but not from below the line services, in which case if asked to arrange any will seek to add a mark-up. which tend to glean only a yes or no answer. Many … Authories and the courts are less tolerant and more senstitive to transgressions. Develop your experience and understanding of organisations, management and business - beyond sales training alone - and you will greatly increase your value and effectiveness to employers and clients, and to the organisational and business world generally. and the VAK learning styles and Kolb model to Just say "Hello, decision-maker - a person in the prospect organization who has the power and budgetary authority to agree to a sales proposal. Do not be persuaded to part with money for stock or the purchase of a franchise or territory, unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing, If you rarely cheer up then you should get out of selling, because unhappy people can't sell. You'll benefit by augmenting the thinking within it with the modern It's a significant change of mind-set for the sales person, and for all those involved in sales training: genuinely helping people, rather The UPB for this particular I ask you to tell me more about why it is and what's important for you here?.. Be selective when choosing sales training - see the tips for selecting sales training providers, sales training methods, courses and programs. Carnegie, from humble beginnings and several early career failures, started his The problem with USPs and FABs is that they are largely formulated from the seller's perspective; they stem from product features after all. SPIN® and SPIN Selling® trademark details: The copyright rights in Neil Rackham's book, SPIN Selling, are owned by Huthwaite, Inc. ( presentation/sales presentation - the process by which a sales person explains the product or service to the prospect (to a single contact or a group), ideally including the product's features, advantages and benefits, especially those which in all respects, Selling price is cost plus profit margin, and customers have no access to cost and margin information, Selling price is market driven (essentially supply and demand), although certain customers may insist on access to cost and margin information, Seller knows the business customers' needs, Seller knows the needs of the business customers' customers and partners and suppliers, Sales person sells (customers only deal with sales people, pre-sale), Whole organization sells (customers expect to be able to deal with anybody in supplier organization, pre-sale), Sales people only sell externally, ie, to customers, Sales people need to be able to sell internally to their own organization, in order to ensure customer needs are met, Strategic emphasis is on new business growth (ie, acquiring new customers), Strategic emphasis is on customer retention and increasing business to those customers (although new business is still sought), Buying and selling is a function, with people distinctly responsible for each discipline within selling and customer organizations, Buying and selling is a process, in which many people with differing jobs are involved in both selling and customer organizations, Hierarchical multi-level management structures exist in selling and customer organizations, Management structures are flat, with few management layers, Authority of sales person is minimal, flexibility to negotiate is minimal, approvals must be sought via management channels and levels for exceptions, Authority of sales person is high (subject to experience), negotiation flexibility exists, and exceptions are dealt with quickly and directly by involving the relevant people irrespective of grade, selling and buying organization are divided strictly according to function and department, inter-departmental communications must go up and down the management structures, Selling organization is structured in a matrix allowing for functional efficiency and also for inter-functional collaboration required for effective customer service, all supply chain processes, and communications, Supplier and customer organization functions tend to talk to their 'opposite numbers' in the other organization, Open communications to, from and across all functions between supplier and customer organization, The customer specifies and identifies product and service requirements, The selling organization must be capable of specifying and identifying product and service requirements on behalf of the customer, The customer's buyer function researches and justifies the customer organization's needs, The selling organization must be capable of researching and justifying customer organization's needs, on behalf of the customer, The customer's buyer probably does not appreciate his/her organization's wider strategic implications and opportunities in relation to the seller's product or service, and there will be no discussion with the seller about this issues, The seller will help the buyer to understand the wider strategic implications and opportunities in relation to the seller's product or service, The buyer will tell the seller what the buying or supplier-selection process is, The seller will help the buyer to understand and align the many and various criteria within their own (customer) organization, so that the customer organization can assess the strategic implications of the supplier's products or services,

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