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akai mpc one vs live

08 Aralık 2020 - 1 kez okunmuş
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akai mpc one vs live

With 128-track sequencing, real-time time stretching, clip-launch functionality, audio tracks and much more, all … Simpler can be better 😀. Can’t answer with certainty as I got 30-40 mins use out of my MPC ONE today before it wouldn’t switch on anymore, but I’ll give my take as I work in a similar way currently using an Octatrack. But in terms of software, it runs the same MPC Software as the standalone MPCs, plus with the added bonus of VST and AU plugin support. With the MPC One and the MPC Live II, there’s only 4 physical dials – to access the other 12 Q-Links you have you hit a button to select the appropriate virtual Q-link ‘bank’, This is of course nowhere near as intuitive as the MPC X and (for me at least) means that the Q-Links tend to be used a lot less on the MPC One and the MPC Live II. Any word on Ableton Live Control on MPC One? These MPCs are all completely standalone units – that is, they don’t need to be plugged into a computer, they provide a complete ‘in the box’ workflow all controlled by the large touchscreen UI and a combination of buttons, dials, knobs and pads. Probably the easiest option these days is to use an SD card, these are cheap, reliable, fast enough and I’ve had no problem getting a 512GB SD card to work, including this micro SD in an adapter. You may have noticed that the MPC One does not support ‘Ableton Live Control’, but does support Ableton Link. Sounds either false or useless to me. Thus, though it is lightweight and portable, it still needs constant power to operate. Syncing can be done via wifi or ethernet. For those unaware of the history of Akai’s MPC, the … I’m trying to decide between the One and Live 2 and this is my main concern: So I plan to do a fair amount of re-sampling pads / programs via external hardware fx (pedals and modular), do you think then the Live 2 would be my best option due to the additional outputs? As much as I know that I will get either the One or the Live I also know that simpler can be better and more the go to. I bought an MPC 1000 last May and really enjoy using it however this MPC One has my interest. On the digital side, this machine runs the same MPC 2 software as the previous generation Live, MPC One and MPC X, which has just been updated to version 2.8. So storage is realistically handled either by SD card or USB stick. By MPC-Tutor, last updated on Aug 14, 2020, By MPC-Tutor, last updated on Jun 3, 2020 1 Comment, By MPC-Tutor, last updated on Mar 13, 2020. So if you are bouncing/exploding/mixing down internally, you’ll probably never need more than two outputs. There are other reasons for needing more than two outs, but you’ll probably know if you need those options, in which case the Live II or the X would probably be a better fit. MPC Live chops samples directly onto the pads while Force uses the screen. And if you have no need for the ‘standalone’ aspect of the MPC then an MPC Touch might be worth considering, with a software experience identical to the standalone MPCs but a requirement to always be ‘tethered’ to a Mac/PC. Thanks that was really helpful! The adjustable screen is also definitely an ergonomic bonus as it helps avoid having to ‘hunch’ over your MPC. The lack of turntable input means you’ll either have to use a turntable with a line level output (which is now very common on modern turntables), or route your turntable’s outputs through a preamp first (most commonly you could use a DJ Mixer for this). The MPC One is $699, which is a bargain when you consider the MPC Live is around $1,000 and the MPC X costs about $2,000. The MPC X is by far away the winner here, with eight individual audio outs, two standard inputs, dedicated mic inputs (with phantom power), instrument level inputs (to directly connect guitars, Rhodes etc) and phono/turntable input (with grounding). The MPC Live II at 3.38kg and 41cm wide is probably still within the limit of being considered portable, although it’s nearly 0.7kg heavier than the original MPC Live. This year, Akai is approaching a similar problem from the other end: making a relatively budget conscious standalone groovebox production unit with the MPC One. The only thing I can think of is to recrod the pad or program I wish to effect to an external recorder, play that recording through the hardware fx and have that record into the MPC One – but this seems a bit convoluted. Well it depends on your needs. The original Live doesn’t have CV/Gate outs but you could add these using a MIDI-to-CV interface. Free MPC Tutorial: Re-arranging Pad Layout in MPC, MPC MIDI Tutorial - Connecting MIDI controllers to, MPC Bible Firmware 2.8 Update, now also fully supp, MPC Bible Update: Now fully compatible with the ne, Free Expansion For All MPCs - MPC Acoustic Guitar, Just Released! Could the MPCX make you rethink your whole approach to studio and live music production? EDIT: Actually this makes sense, at $300 less than the live … I’m probably best known for my critically acclaimed ‘Beat Making on the MPC’ books. I previously wrote about the new MPC One but at that time the MPC Live II was just a rumour. The new MPC One is surprisingly powerful considering it’s relatively low cost: If you compare this to the old MPC Live, you now have built in CV/Gate outputs and additional function buttons for a quicker workflow. MPC Touch has had a good innings though and continues to receive all the other new features. I certainly have no issue with the small pads on an MPC1000/500, or the much smaller pads on the Akai Force. offers an array of new, used, and refurbished custom Akai MPC, MPD, MPK, APC and Native Instruments Maschine units. Live control is just that, controlling Ableton Live software using the MPC as a controller (e.g.

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