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mothers should not go out to work essay

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mothers should not go out to work essay

They should think about their expense they have to pay for the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and health care. Q.2 Mention one way in which children can help their Mothers. Not all mothers can balance house cleaning and work. Many men in the modern world today do play their roles as a good husband, helping their wives to do household chores and taking care of children. Among the major advantages of going back to work after giving birth to a child is the fact that having a job will help to ensure the well-being of the whole family. However, we recommend the mothers … You can view samples of our professional work here. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. What could be the reasons for this? Men are always the breadwinners of the family while women on the other hand will be staying at home, taking care of household chores and taking care of the welfare of other family members. In the past, mother’s responsibility is take care their small children. Although some disagree, Wallis attributes this growing number of women staying at home to two general causes; The Generation Factor, Maternal Desire and Doubts. Hence, in my opinion, it would be such a waste for these educated females if they were to just stay at home and take care of the kids. Such cases may end children going into depression, thus affecting their health to a larger extent. He died in Paris, France on 5th September 1857. Hobbs Mothers with young children should not go out to work. Some mothers want the self-fulfillment of having a career; they assume their children will be more independent and more mature than children with full-time mothers. Women are capable for jobs which men can do as well. This topic also depends on the discussion of their families. For the yes side of the argument, writer of the article from Time Magazine “The Case for Staying Home”, Claudia Wallis, says more and more women are choosing to stay at home. Their children may be neglected, grow up to gangster, away from home and become to problems of society. Hence, in this sense, women should work instead of staying at home. Statistics shows that, there is no difference between the standards and quality of work done by men and women who do the same work. There was once when most girls got married at early age within 18 to 20 years old. Here are essays on Good Mother of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, production of consumer goods is centralized into factories. Secondly, inflation has caught on these days and recession at present is giving a tough time to people who are finding it difficult to meet both ends. Family life would be better if mothers choose to stay at home. Many husbands help their working spouse in household work. For example, when working women face some hardships, most probably they have a bunch of good friends to share with and to discuss with compare to a housewife. The decision to stay at home or work will be one of the most difficult decisions a mother will make. Some argue that the family especially a small children may be neglected. So when the children observe their father... ...Should Moms Stay at Home? Women should work, instead of staying at home. The above arguments are therefore justified.  Women should work for equality. Being a mother is one of the most amazing opportunity women can have. Most women would testify that being a stay at home mother has both its benefits, and its downfalls. Poor women, he said, shouldn't be given a choice, but instead should be required to work outside the home to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits. Mothers should go to work. Besides this fact, it is also easily found that the recent generation of females have handled strongly the fields of industries such as Economy, Sciences, and Music. Essay,Pages 8 (1760 words) Women have the right to be involved in the work environment just as men are. The question is - stay at home or pursue a career? Half of this comprises women working as unpaid, family workers. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Mothers should decide that they want to do full-time jobs or part-time jobs to earn the money for their families. They have more chances to meet new people and make new friends. This idea leads to the opinion that women cannot possibly perform the same job requirements as men. First of all, almost every women become mother and if we say mothers should not work, it means half of the manpower of the country is idle. This phenomenon has open up many working opportunities to women, indeed, the world need women to join the work force. You can choose any Good Mother essay as per your interest and requirement: Short Essay on Good Mother – Essay 1 (200 words) “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. In today's scenario, … Working... ...Nowadays, it is very common for mothers to work outside the home. But mothers go to work outside the home. In addition, for women who do not continue working after having their first child, the cost of being a stay-at-home mom is terribly high, … VAT Registration No: 842417633. When they meet more people, keep on learning new knowledge, they can know themselves better and hence gain more self-confidence. which may develop feelings of inferiority and guilt in them. They should stand side by side with men and define their role in society, where they can choose to work outside or stay at home and in which they will have more time to develop their own interests. I conducted my doctoral research on mothers' experiences of career exit, stay-at-home motherhood and career re-entry. In the past mothers just stayed at home and taking care of the family, rising their children … In response, many mothers feel they should not work … These days more fathers stay at home and take care of their children while mothers go out to work. Hence, women should work in order to make best use of their knowledge, or else their talents could be wasted. Even though amount of the time spent working in their jobs may not be substantial, these housewives should still be recognized for their contribution to economy. The best person who should be taken care children is not nanny or teacher at school but they are mothers. Family life would be better if mothers … Firstly, just like the men, women have abilities to work as they are well educated. 4. Men should take an equal share in housework to liberate women from the kitchen. In the meantime, once they leave the workforce, they cannot regain the income or status they had had usually. Secondly, mothers … Good afternoon. Furthermore, many mothers need to work outside the home because of economic reasons. This change will ensure that only those who are qualified can hold certain position, and therefore, increase the productivity of a particular company and in the end, a fruitful profit will be earned in a much simpler and nicer way. Essay on Mother… One cannot be the best career woman and the best mother at the same time; a woman has to choose one over the other. "[E]ven if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work… They want to make money for their family but at the same time they will use money more than ever before. My mother is a teacher and I never felt lonely or depressed when she is out. These statistics showed that more than half of the women working in our country played two roles, which are either in their homes or in places of work. A.1 A child forms an emotional connection with his mother from the age of infancy. Mothers are not able to attend important school meetings of kids: Due to office work, working mothers are not able to attend the school meetings, functions etc. One of the toughest decisions of a woman's life comes with motherhood. Isidore Auguste Marie François Xavier Comte was born in Montpellier, Hérault, in southern France on 19th January 1798. Working mothers … Without mothers, there are no human beings. . In some nations, women even do not have the chance to be educated. With the reforms in people’s mind at eighteenth century, … We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. Moreover, we are not promoting the mothers should not work to earn a livelihood. There are more and more successful women appear recently. The second is economic reasons. As a result, not only men are prejudiced against women, but also some women are also prejudiced against themselves as they believe they are inferior and only fit for household chores. This situation will be able to create a happy and healthy living environment to the children of that particular family. They should go to work and apply all their knowledge to the fullest. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. For such reasons, I believe mothers should go to work instead of going home. I believe that every mother has the right to work and the decision should be one that a woman makes on her own. To find a Mother who does not love is probably an impossible task. Besides that, working women can gain confidence through their work. In case when the wife busy with her job, the husband could help out. Without mothers, there are no human beings. All work is written to order. Today, mothers are working outside the home even though they’ve just given birth to their children. 2. Men are supposed to work labor and be the bread winners. As their curiosity about themselves and their place in the world increases, they try to answer for themselves some of life's fundamental questions. Long and Short Essay on Good Mother in English. The best person who should be taken care children is not nanny or teacher at school but they are mothers. Women should no longer be considered the inferior sex. In the past, women’s place seen to be in the home rather than being part of the workforce. 7. Chairman Mao once said that, “Women hold up half of the sky.” According to statistics, there is no difference between the standards and quality of work done by men and women who do the same work. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! They go to work and control their finance, while the role of a mother … Join Now! It is a shame in the modern world to confine women to the home and block their way to the full exploitation of their capacity and potential. Should mothers work or stay at home. She should work … I can remember walking home from school with my older brother just hoping she was not passed out … They are the ones who build the humanity. Pupils' spiritual development involves the growth of their sense of self, their unique potential, their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and their will to achieve. Women should contribute themselves in the working force to help in the growing economy. The essays will be tremendously helpful to you in your school exams and essay writing, debate or speech giving competitions. How could a family survive in the world today with a single income from the man? They have to earn for their family. Mothers are the ones who have been chosen to keep the growth of humanity. Pupils' moral development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right. They should find the reliable companies and the companies can guarantee that their workers are reliable and love children so that your children will be safe. Study for free with our range of university lectures! Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. Explicit opportunities to promote pupils' development in these areas are provided in religious education and the non-statutory framework for personal, social and health education (PSHE) and citizenship at key stages 1 and 2. All National Curriculum subjects provide opportunities to promote pupils' spiritual, moral , social and cultural development. Well, I am pretty sure that people will have different opinions regarding this matter. 1st Jan 1970 This would be her every day’s boring routine. Working mothers essay. There has been proven information showing that 54% of mothers with a graduate or professional degree no longer work full time. You will be a happier and satisfied person: Most of us believe that the relentless effort of balancing … Many mothers have different reasons and feelings about working outside of home. In many families, the man’s salary alone is not enough to cover all household expenses such as utility consumption fee, household goods, child care and so on. Working Mothers Essay 2051 Words | 9 Pages. Their children may be neglected, grow up to gangster, away from home and become to problems of society. Thus, the rules of promotion will also be changed from gender bias to ability bias. Either because of poverty or because they are single parents, or both, women realise that they must work to earn enough money to maintain a decent standard of living and provide good education and medical needs as well as other amenities for their family. But first, she should carefully consider the many problems that she might encounter. Auguste Comte was the first person to announce Law of Three stages, which became the main aim of his thought. According to him human thought as well as social progress pass through three... their lives. However, in the recent years, this has been undergoing rapid change as women become more educated and are more willing to step into domains traditionally occupied by men. REASONS OF WHY MOTHERS SHOULD GO TO WORK: 1The husband's job isn't always stable. Do you think it is a positive or a negative development? Matt Sayar, Austin Foggs, Jackie Doughty, Dimitri Scott, Luke Hobbs Respected lecturer, dear colleagues. Wallis claims when this question arises most women are choosing to stay home with their children, and as she puts it, “most of these women are choosing not so much to drop out as to stop out.” *You can also browse our support articles here >. However, if she is a working mom, they might ask, "how does she manage it all?" The leaders of this study were among the most respe… All policies that enable women to choose whether they go back into work or not should be encouraged. The question that ponders the mind of many is whether the notion of working mothers … Since recent times, women have wrested from men their right to develop careers other than to be merely good wives and mothers. I accept that women have duty to take care of their children, but that does not mean that they cannot work outside the home. How about the mothers who have to work? He was also the founder of French positivism. Mothers are the ones who have been chosen to keep the growth of humanity. When we turn the pages of history, women are being described as fragile creatures. Some mothers want to play the full role of mothers by quitting their jobs and looking after their children at home.

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