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pokémon diamond elite four

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pokémon diamond elite four

Any reccomendations? Cynthia is the first female league champion in the games. Since you cannot change lineups between fights with the Elite Four, you will need to bring a powerful, but diverse lineup. Garchomp: Dragon/Ground. Before you even get to the League, sell every item you don't need and use the money to buy your Revives, Potions, and… Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Bertha is the second member of Elite Four and is a Ground-type expert, although she also has Sudowoodo which is a pure Rock-type. It is a good idea to purchase a large amount of Revives, Max Revives, Potions of all kinds, and PP restoratives before heading to fight the Elite four since you can't go back and visit the Pokémon Center or PokéMart between battles. X. Oreburgh City Gym Leader: Roark Speciality: Rock: Geodude: Rock/Ground: Level 12: Onix: Rock/Ground: Level 12: Cranidos: Rock: Level 14: Coal Badge: Allows use of HM06 - Rock Smash outside of battle. She also has Dig as a stalling and damaging move. Although Milotic can use Recover, Cynthia chose to teach her Aqua Ring instead, which restores energy but much more slowly. Hippowdon uses Curse to increase her Attack and Defense stats and, since she is slow anyway, the loss of Speed doesn't make much of a difference. Janine (Anzu (アンズ)): An expert in Poison-type Pokémon. Afterwards, the player continues their journey, eventually making it to the Sinnoh region Pokémon League's Elite Four. Vespiquen could be a fairly good defensive Pokémon and is designed to stall opponents and cause them to waste PP by using Pressure but unfortunately for Aaron, she is a Bug and Flying Pokémon which makes her extremely vulnerable to Rock type moves. Fortunately Lucario does not have very strong defences. If you want to bring a Pokémon weaker than the rest up to speed, then give it an EXP. His only attacking move is Bug Buzz and his Special Ability is Shield Dust meaning that side effects such as burning from moves like Flamethrower … I've defeated 3 members of the Elite 4 on my first try. However, Hyper Cutter prevents her Attack stat from being dropped, which is bad since she is a powerful Physical Attacker. This is my guide to beating the Elite Four and Cynthia Elite Four Aaron Bug-Type Dustox lv.53 (Shield dust) Heracross lv.54 (Guts/Swarm) Vespiquen lv.54 (Evolution: Combee) (Pressure) Beautifly lv.54 (Swarm) Drapion lv.57 (Evolution: Skorupi) (Battle Armor/Sniper) Money 6940 "I lost with the most beautiful and toughest of the bug … I have 5 level 52-ish Pokemon and I want a Ghost/Dark for Lucian. He also has the annoying Cute Charm ability so use a male Pokémon or a Pokémon that has Oblivious. "Just ordered my first Pokemon Pyjama. Rock or Ground-types are the best choices to use against Rapidash. — Aaron, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. She has all three of her signature moves: Attack Order, Defend Order and Heal Order, and she also uses Power Gem. Any Steel type that's at a fairly high level, with the possible exceptions of Bronzong, Metagross,Steelix and Skarmory, who can be hurt a decent amount by X-Scissor for the two half Psychic types and Ice Fang for the half Ground and half Flying-type, can stall Drapion long enough to wear it down and knock it out. With that trinket in hand you can visit 5 exclusive locations to capture 5 VERY rare Pokémon. Magmortar can cover all of his weaknesses with Solar Beam and Thunderbolt, but if Sunny Day is not in effect, a Water, Rock or Ground-type should be able to knock him out before he can fire a Solar Beam. Electric: good against the tough Water type Pokémon you will encounter here. The Kanto Elite Four, consisting of Lorelei, Bruno, Lance, and Agatha, made their debut in A Charizard...and a Champion watching the final battle between Red and Blue before serving as the primary antagonists for the Yellow chapter of the manga. The lobby of the Pokémon League consists of a large, combined Pokémon Center and Poké Mart on either side of the room. Good Luck! The best strategy with Spiritomb is to just pound her with your strongest moves. In the first battle, Lucario still has Aura Sphere but has replaced Psychic, Dragon Pulse and Earthquake with Shadow Ball, Stone Edge and ExtremeSpeed. More levels means more power. They have many drawbacks, however, being vulnerable to Rock, Electric, and Ice, many of which appear in your opponent's roster. Finally Flint's Infernape is his main Pokémon and also the most dangerous. re: Elite Four and Champion i used this team the first time lv 66 palkia that knew flamethrower, dragon pulse, spacial rend, dragon claw - used it on aaron of the E4 and chomp For the Game Boy Color bootleg, see Keitai Denjū Telefang.. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl begin Generation IV’s entries in Nintendo's popular Pokémon series of monster-battling RPGs.Diamond and Pearl are the first core games in the series to appear on the Nintendo DS.Diamond and Pearl carry on the series with … Aaron prioritizes Bug type, Bertha prefers Ground type, Flint likes Fire type, and Lucian excels in Psychic type. Weak to Ground, Rock, Water, Infernape: Fire/Fight. Fortunately, Psychic is its only Special Attack. Unlike Aaron, Bertha and Flint, all five of Lucians' Pokémon belong to his signature type, although in Platinum, Bertha and Flint both replace their non-Ground and Fire-types with Pokémon that do belong to their signature type. However his Defense is appalling. Heracross also uses Megahorn and Close Combat, both of which are very powerful, although Megahorn lacks accuracy and Close Combat lowers Heracross' Defense and Special Defense. Now all that stands between you and the Pokémon champion is the Elite Four! It was released on December 26, 2008, in Japan. Weak to Grass [4x Effectiveness], Roserade: Grass/Poison. Do you have any advice? The first is this: if you lose after the first or second fight (with heals in between), pull out and level up your Pokémon. Soundproof makes Mr Mime immune to any sound based moves. She specializes in Ice-type Pokémon.Although Fire-type attacks are Super Effective against Ice-type, most of Lorelei's team either resists or has coverage to Fire-type Pokémon. Elite Four Pokemon Diamond. A full team of high fifties to low sixties Pokémon with varied types will almost certainly give you victory. It expands on the recent creation of Pokémon SP (trainer-owned Pokémon) with Gym Leader's Pokémon and Elite Four's Pokémon. Houndoom is up first using Sunny Day to increase the power of his Flamethrower (note: none of Flint's Pokémon knew Flamethrower in Diamond and Pearl). Any reccomendations? The only move he has that causes direct damage is Ominous Wind which has a very small chance of raising all his stats at once, except evasiveness and accuracy. Gallade also has Steadfast as his Special Ability so if you make him flinch his Speed will increase. He is a Physical fighter who knows Drain Punch, Psycho Cut, Stone Edge and Leaf Blade. Garchomp has Dragon Rush, which is very powerful but inaccurate. Drifblim only has one Fire type move Will-O-Wisp. If you're anticipating a potentially deadly attack, switch out to a Pokémon you need less. Milotic is like Roserade and Garchomp because she has only one different move from the ones she had in Diamond and Pearl in the first battle and exactly the same moves in later battles. Answer Save. Using Physical Attacks against Magmortar is dangerous because he can burn your Pokémon with Flame Body. The best strategy is to just hit it as hard as you can with a super effective move before he can use his defensive moves. Rock-type moves are the best attacks to use on Yanmega. If you want more cash after defeating one of the Elite Four, then give a participating Pokémon an Amulet Coin. Listen to Pokemon DiamondPearlPlatinum - Elite Four Battle.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. Bug Buzz gets a boost if Beautifly has low HP thanks to his Swarm Ability.

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