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thousand reasons why i love you

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thousand reasons why i love you

Close. When we’re together, all my problems disappear. He knows I have flaws; and he still loves me to death. Thanks for commenting! Customers who bought this item also bought. This lets him know that he completes you- both sexually and emotionally- when the two of you make love. I love that you can always make me feel better no matter what’s going on. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time. You sacrifice and work so hard, without even realizing that you are. Nothing more attractive than confidence right? I love you because talking to you makes my day. 365 Reasons Why I Love You 1. You let me be myself and you encourage me to find more of myself. I love the way you kiss my neck. I love you because you are real all the time and don’t pretend to be a fake one that only impresses women. I love the way you look at me 5. You remember even the smallest things that I say. You might find him running to turn on a hot steamy shower for the two of you after mentioning this comment to him. 7 years ago. I love how secure I feel when I am with you. When you’re having a bad day, they’re there to hold your head on their shoulder. I can’t believe it’s been 12 YEARS! Here are a few tips for getting your DIY book printed out! I love that you take time out of your life to show me how much you love me. 3. If you liked this topic, there are a number of other articles similar to this on Her Interest. People look up to you and you never let them down. There is nothing late or too early to exchange words of alluring love with your soul mate. I have been thinking for things to use for me and my man being together for three months. 1. Let him know! 60. Read through my last response and let me know if you have any questions. Your man SHOULD be trying to make you smile no matter what. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . How I love thee, let me count the ways… A lot of us have heard the famous beginning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, but have we ever taken the time to count the ways we love the person we’re with? You know they never will never judge you and will always give you an honest opinion about everything. Don’t you love when someone can just say something small and suddenly everything’s better? Reasons Why I Love You So Much. I love the way I can’t imagine going one day without you. Whatever it is, let him know that he is doing it right. How you still give me butterflies 9. You make an effort with my friends and family, because you know how much they mean to me. #401. 100 Reasons to Love Him. You just make me feel so good. 4 notes . Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend. 68. It’s every woman’s dream to be treated like a princess. Saying the same three words over and over again is going to get boring. I really liked the fact that it wasn’t your typical angsty New Adult story. This four letter word has more power than almost any other word in the dictionary. Make sure to check them out if you have the time! You made me realize why it never worked out with anyone before you. I love you because you always make time for me and happy to stay with me, assuring that I’m your top priority. 7 years ago. It is the source of happiness, strife, joy, anger, excitement, and stress, all mixed up into one incredible feeling. 2. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I am happy to hear that this article could help you! 4.0 out of 5 stars 15. 2). Reason 51 – You Are Adventurous: You are the one who can pull me out of my shell, and this is one of the reasons why I love you. I love you because you respect my personal space and always give me freedom to choose. I love how even when you’re not right next to me, I still feel you with me. None of us like to admit it, but in our relationships we all need some reassurance now and then. You’re always saving funny memes on your phone to show me later because you want me to laugh too. I love how we can always know what each other is thinking without saying a single word. This is a bit of an X rated comment, but those are mens favorites after all. Nov 08 #391. The Unwritten Bumble Rules To Actually Enjoy Online Dating, How to Make a Great Bumble Profile That Will Set You Apart. YOU ARE READING. 28 reasons why. It is difficult to tell why, we love and trust someone so much that they become an integral part of our lives. Let him know that no, he’s not being immature or annoying. A women’s friends are very, very important to her. You should always let someone know you appreciate what they do for you, that’s what makes them keep doing it. Paperback. Nothing extravagant- just the basic words that will make even the strongest and toughest man’s heart melt. We always appreciate such words and thoughts. Have a great day, Tamanna! You’re so strong and powerful. When you’re a guest in someone’s home you always eat what they’ve prepared, even if you’re not a huge fan. 2. 16. Do the two of you have kids? There’s no better feeling than knowing you have someone there- no matter what. Men love to be the provider for their woman and family, so he will love to hear this. 71. 33 reasons why youre my best friend forever is. Be ready to tell these reasons why I love you with great confidence and grow your love together to boost up your relationship. This is something you can also do for your boyfriend if you are looking for an unusual and effortless way to show him how much he means to you or if you’ve just run out of ideas to express your love for him. You take care of me and spoil me when I’m sick. Who wouldn’t like to hear something like that? I was so cold … I love how adorable you look when you are asleep. 89. I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and I can tell you anything and be myself around you at all times. Keep up the good work! Because when I’m hurt, you help clean me up and bandage me and kiss and make it better. It makes you feel needed. Aww, that’s just too darn cute. 2. 3. crushes (1000 reasons Why I love you) Your smile does wonders. You still loved me when I was not as noble as both of us would have liked me to be. Who doesn’t like to hear that they’ve got a great sense of style? You stand up for the stupidest things sometimes. Thanks! Medium Length Hairstyles We All Want To Copy This Year. Ah, those neck kisses. You may not always agree with my decisions but you always trust me to make them. I’ve even published a book about those reasons during our 2nd anniversary. Awesome! If you’re a sucker for those neck sucks, tell him so he can do it more often without feeling awkward or weird. You care deeply about my success and my happiness. 99. And here, we are giving you 40 reasons why I love you, my best friend. I love you being the reason of my smile. 56. I love you because you’ll be the princess and i’ll be the prince. You know, those eyes that see right through you? With you I can be myself. You are noble, and taught me to aspire to be noble. 100 Reasons. 1. You find the best in everyone, including me. I love you because you treat my family right. You both should be willing to at least try to love what your partner is interested in. You are everything I never knew I needed. We spend lots of time talking about decisions we need to make together. The way you look at me 5. You enjoy going through stories, an old letter from a secret admirer and laugh about it. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. 46. This is a wonderful reason to love someone! Now i know where to start. Do you go out to a fancy dinner? Besides communication, trust is incredibly important in a relationship. If you do not see your response right away, do not worry because you will. I am happy to hear that this article could help you out.IF you liked this article topic, we have many like it on Her Interest–make sure to check them out! You make me feel completely cherished and adored. Great article. Nov 16 #399. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Whatever it is, let him know that you don’t think he is a push over and you actually admire how giving he is. I wonder why I always seem to forget the things I want to tell you when we meet, and keep getting lost in you. I love you because you are real all the time and don’t pretend to be a fake one that only impresses women. Thanks so much. Nov 06 #389. Love happens at such a deep level beyond logic or reasons that it can be tough to figure out exactly why you love a person. You can use whatever compliment you want here. 98. You actually like being super silly with him- it keeps your relationship youthful and alive! There’s just something about a man brushing his fingers against your face that drives women wild. I like the way I want to grow, become better, and improve for … 3. I love you for always being by my side even when you disagree with my opinion. Reasons why I love you - Nine You turn my water into wine The reason I will stay with you I know that you love me too! And if she acknowledges that you’re a great man that treats her family right, that’s pretty much a shoe in. EVERYONE wants to be with someone who actually listens to them, and doesn’t just brush off what they have to say. If you still see fireworks when you kiss him, you should tell him. 30 reasons why I love you: A jar of love notes for my husband. I love that you can cook amazing food. He doesn’t mind cleaning the house 3. Perfect, my better-half, mon choco-fondu, my best friend… I’m going to go all smoochy on the blog and tell you and the world why I wake up everyday, more and more in love with you! 4. You’re always there for me, no matter what. Because you always swap the wet towels for dry ones when you know I’m showering after you. 2. I love you because you are not racist like me. I love the way you dress and your style. Thanks for commenting! You kiss me goodbye when I’m still asleep in the morning. 66. Getting lost in random conversations while we're parked in a car. I love how loyal you are to me. You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world. Let him know that you’ve taken notice and you LOVE that he’d do it. When you’re having a great day, they’re there to celebrate. He knows I have flaws; and he still loves me to death. She is the founder of She Rose Revolution, a bestselling author, empowerment leader, and an internationally published writer. This will keep that passion going strong- if not stronger. Perhaps people best are able to share their love by sharing their feelings about the person that they are. 3. Oct 29, 2013 - Explore Wade Cassie Crew's board "Reasons why I love you" on Pinterest. You know what this will equal to? Thank you for your positive comment. This is a very romantic gesture, but when it comes to a large number of ideas, it can be extremely time consuming and … Make sure to check them out if you have the time! 24. A cute comment that will definitely make him smile. You’re a great person to talk decisions over with. As we celebrate you today, husband-pants, my Mr. I love how well we communicate together, both verbally and non-verbally. Even the roughest, toughest bad boys have a thoughtful side. Feel free to add the words safe, happy, overjoyed, beautiful, or any other words you deem fit to make this reason even better. That "I've died and gone to heaven" face you have when you eat celery, parfait, or talk about anything else you love to eat. This comment will make him feel extra special. You know so many of my secrets, like the letter I had written to my crush, some even embarrassing and dirty and yet you keep it locked deep inside your heart. 2. No matter how busy or tired you are, you always manage to send me a sweet message, call me and say how much you love me. A single hug from you improves my day. You’re always doing little, creative things to let me know you care. 8 years ago. Letting him know how much you love and adore his ingenuity will certainly spark his clever mind and give him a good ego boost. 1000 Reasons why i love you. When you finish this “100 Reasons Why I Love You” book, your sweetheart will be so touched! 74. I love that you love to spend as much time with me as possible. I often wonder why I love you. So, Zlatko – this is for you. Please like us to get more Ecards like this. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone? 40. I love how complete I feel when we make love. The day I met you, I found my missing piece. This is because there are … Make sure to check them out! . 82. I love you like crazy. What an amazing compliment that would be! It is difficult to tell why, we love and trust someone so much that they become an integral part of our lives. 10. You are sweeter than my favorite dessert. I love how confident you are. 2). I love that you accept me and love me for who I am. Rate this ecard. Make sure to check them out if you have the time. 97. 7 years ago. Do you and your man have this type of relationship going on? 93. Tell him how cozy and comfortable you are even during the scary nights! This could be silly thinks like a weird chip flavor, something crazy like sky diving, or even something naughty in the bedroom. One of the 52 reasons why I love you is that y ou are a fantastic chef! 30. I love the way I know you'll never give up on me. Thanks, really true words with lovely true feelings, thanks for make my lonly life lovable with your positive thoughts and feelings. Feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. You have such a beautiful smile and that smile makes me happy all day. He is your rock and can ALWAYS make you feel better. Thank you for sharing your kind words. 3). You are always kind to other people, even if they don’t deserve it. Nothing quite like cuddling your man (winking face). As we said earlier, communication is absolutely important. There’s nothing quite like being fun and goofy with your partner. For most women, family is very important. This may be why you often find such a plethora of romance ideas that involve giving your partner a number of reasons why you love them. I can depend on you to bring me a latte when I'm running late for class or pick out my outfit for date night. I love you every time you reach across our bed to pull me close to you. There’s something about an ambitious man that drives women wild. If you love ballet and he hates ballet, yet he will still go to the ballet performance just for you- he’s a keeper. 48. More cute surprises! 50. America’s culture is known as a giant mixing pot. 5. Have you ever heard couples talking about how the flames have dimmed in their relationship? (Insert winking face here). Then you can talk about some of the fun and cool things the two of you are going to do together in the future! Your lips are so soft. So this is a very good compliment to him! 5 notes . I love the way you make me feel when I am with you. It’s so attractive. You encourage me after I feel like I’ve failed. 1. 2 notes . A simple compliment that always produces a big smile. I love you because with you time stands still. These are great quotes! It seems like you may have commented twice on this one. We always appreciate such positive words! Hands down. Have a great day, Lola! 100 Reasons Why I Love You. 13. However, note that if I give you a million reasons why I love you, what then happens when I run out of reasons? We always appreciate when our readers share their thoughts on feelings about our articles. So if you really want to put your partner in a good mood today, make sure to tell them all the reasons you’re so in love with them. My bae recently asked me why i loved him and i was stuck. 41. But if he makes you feel safe even when it’s pitch black outside, that’s a very good sign. I love how I still get butterflies every time I see you. Yet, on a deeper thought, one can come up with a hundred thousand reasons to love someone. Your loyalty to me and everyone or everything that matters to you If you have a man who’s there for you through everything, you should definitely tell him you love it. Have a great day, Jass! 91. I love the way you say my name. You never judge me and I love you for that Let him know you admire his ambition and he’ll strive for even higher success (in whatever he’s doing!). advertisement. Have a great day, Philo! 95. Every note I find makes my day that much brighter. 32. 100 Heartfelt Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend Like Crazy. I love that your hand fits perfectly with mine. 3. He is a hard worker 2. I love all of the cute names you have for me. 1- Because you are such an amazing person! You have a gentle and calming voice that soothes me when I’m upset. Dating In Your 30s As A Man: What Men Wish You Knew, What It’s Really Like On The Queer Dating Scene Today, The Best Bisexual Dating Apps Out There Today, How The Gay Hookup Culture Is Affecting Mental Health In 2020, Lesbian Dating Advice That’s Actually Useful, Dating In Your 30s: How to Leave All the BS Behind, 6 Things You Should Know About Dating In Your 30s, What You Should Know About Dating A Younger Man In Your 40s, 40+ Dating: 5 Ways It’s Changed Since You Were Last Single, 40 And Single: It’s Not Too Late To Meet Someone Great, How To Stand Out From The Crowd As A 40-Year-Old Woman, Dating For Older People: Why Love Is Very Much Alive After 50, 50 And Single Again: How To Get Back Out There, The Joys of an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship: Advice and Insight, The Best Dating Sites for Seniors Over 50, Dating A Guy With Kids: What You Should Know, 7 Practical Tips For Dating A Woman With Kids, Starting a Blended Family: Here’s How to Make It Work, 9 Things You Have to Accept Dating a Single Mom, How To Actually Have A Fricking Great Tinder Date. Any time of day works fine too. So really, there’s no way you can go wrong saying something like this. And that is certainly an important part of every relationship. You never do or say anything to hurt me. 3 notes . You have taught me the true meaning of love. You know the secret, little things that cheer me up and make me happy. With this comment, you give him a serious confidence boost that will only make your relationship stronger. A definite confidence boost for that special guy in your life. Much like the above statement, this guarantees you’ll get plenty more of those much-loved smooches. He could simply be a giving person by nature- giving presents, money, etcetera- you could even be talking about giving *in the bedroom*. a recent girlfriend gave my brother a booklet of 28 reason why she loved him. Creating a jar of love notes for my husband was a nice way to show him how much I love him and to offer him a meaningful gift for his birthday. 12. I love your eyes. I love how adorable you are in every way. 3). Have a great day, Mindy! 1). The diversity of cultures. How Does Zoosk Work? Below is a list of “100 reasons why I love you.” Read the reasons below and see which ones resonate with you and feel true for the person that you … You never judge me. This will make him feel happy that he’s loyal to you and only you and is doing the right thing in your relationship. When you came into my life I started to see the world as more colorful and less gray. Because if he isn’t responding, he more than likely isn’t even paying attention. Reasons why I love you! Writer(s): Campbell Alistair Ian, Travers Brian David, Brown James Stephen, Campbell Robin Burns, Falconer Earl Acton, Hassan Norman Lamount, Virtue Michael Anthony, Wilson Terrence Oswald. You have an innate ability to protect and take care of me. 59. A Beginner’s Guide To Dating Success, How To Set Up An Awesome Zoosk Profile And Meet Your Match, The Zoosk Official Site: Why It’s Our Choice For Online Dating, Quarantine Date Ideas For When You Don’t Know What To Do, How To Foster Different Types Of Intimacy In A Relationship, Star Sign Compatibility: Who The Stars Say You Should Be Dating, The Benefits Of Sex: Why You Should Be Doing It More, Relationship Moods: How To Manage A Moody Partner. I love that we can be silly with each other. Because you always show up when I need you most. 4. The way I can just be myself 2. Your gorgeous green eyes 7. I love that you spark my creativity and imagination. If the two of you have kids, you should always tell him what a wonderful father he is. It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. It’s a fact of life. I love how we can spend the whole night together doing nothing but talking and hanging out and it’s still an amazing time. I know you’ve heard a lot of reasons why I love you so much. I can’t tell you how much men love to be complimented on their strength. I love how you put so much thought into everything you do for me. After I have spent uncountable hours checking out different profiles and chatting with people with whom I didn’t have that much in common, I finally found this sweet and handsome guy. I love your intelligence and how you can keep a conversation going. 2). And the notes can be anything! You turn on the seat warmer in the car for me. This lets him know that you love all of the things he does for you- and bonus- he will keep doing MORE things to show how much he loves you! If you can make a women laugh, you have won her heart. Don’t be surprised if he follows this comment with one of those silly jokes or comments you were talking about. When I am with you, I can be myself. 88. When you’re with someone, they should always push you to be a better person. I love you more than I can describe in words. In case, I’ll I just say I love you because I don’t know why! I love you because you somehow always know exactly the right words to say that will make me feel better. I hate to sound like a broken record, but communication and being open is absolutely important in a relationship. 100 reasons why I love, honor, and cherish you. I love you because you make me feel so happy and comfortable when I’m with you. Have a great day, Surbhi! So to solidify my care, appreciation, and love for you, my sweetheart, here are my top reasons why I love you so much. Elevate your love life with practical dating advice delivered right to your inbox. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush? – As cliché as this may sound… We all know that wonderful touch of a man. 54. I love how you’re able to talk things through and work things out. Sends chills down my spine. I love you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 5). Let him know. 5. 8. What are some of the reasons you tell your man you love him? Alongside being loved and respected, we want to be accepted to. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Who Is Already Dead? You are strong. This doesn’t count if you don’t have similar music tastes, but you can replace music with something else like movies, video games, food, sports- pretty much anything. 55 reasons why youre my best friend. I love how you make me feel when I’m with you. I love you because even in the coldest weather, you warm me with your love and warmth. 67. And If So, What Are They? If you liked this article, we have a number of topics like it on Her Interest. So we highly suggest using this particular phrase! Baby, I love how I feel when I look into your eyes, I see the universe in them. 1000 Reasons Why I Love You! There are literally thousands of things to love about someone. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Each one of these 365 reasons why I love you and the things I love about you were so easy to list. Tell him you actually appreciate his open honesty- no matter what it is he says- and he will continue to do so. Having Sex On The First Date: Yes, No, Maybe? The special way only HE can love? (And no, not because they might end up with a high paying job). You do me small favors and run errands for me. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Don’t be surprised if he sneaks up on you more often after saying this! This will make him feel happy that he’s loyal to you and only you and … Her words have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide. But sometimes men don’t do it often enough. So important for the simple fact that, if you can’t talk anything through without getting heated, then the relationship will most likely die off. You love me even when I’m being horrible and hard to be around. This post may contain affiliate links. You surely have a romantic feel for your husband or wife, but couldn’t find reasons to say so. It’s something everyone would enjoy hearing- especially the lucky man in your life. If you do not see your comment right away, do not worry because it will eventually appear. What do you guys do after a big fight? This is a little something for my love. Showing someone how much we care about them is an important part of a relationship and, even though it may seem silly, explaining the reasons why we love them can be just as important. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, so this is an important phrase he will enjoy hearing. You always have an idea of something fun to do. EVERYONE wants to be heard. 42. 100. Thanks for commenting! Then move on to reason number 86 (if the shoe fits, of course). Why do you want to live? And if the two of you are being absolutely open and honest with each other, you can bet the two of you have an awesome and strong relationship. it is like super adorable so i thought why not? I love how I still see fireworks every time we kiss. And there are more than a thousand reasons, Why I love you God. I love that you take care of me when I forget to. $12.00. He’ll be itching to get you in between the sheets after hearing this awesome reason for loving him! Read my whole disclosure here. This comment is so incredibly deep, it just HAS to be said at one point or another. He recently asked me why i loved him and i was out of words. Nov 17 #400. This particular comment is reserved for the men who can cook. 3. Have a great week, Mikayla! 87. 50 Reasons why I love you and why I can’t stay without you. This is so important to every relationship, whether it’s friendship or romantic. At the end of the day, women and men alike just want to be loved and RESPECTED. 92. Those little lips perched out and that silly little face. The following is a list of some of the many reasons I adore pandas, and some reasons I believe you should love them as well. I love him but i couldnt put it in words. 1000 Reasons why i love you. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying. Let him know he doesn’t bother you- you love having him around. 57. 49. That’s what I call a strong relationship! You never do or say anything to hurt me. You are always pushing me to be better and my biggest fan in all that I do. 5. . 84. That’s a win in his book! 2. TIP #1: When you print your book out, make sure you do the whole thing since you want to have all 100 numbers in it. See more ideas about reasons why i love you, why i love you, love you. Random. Well, you definitely needed him to put the pieces to the puzzle. I love that you treat me like a princess. If the future does not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, I find that incredibly depressing. This will make him smile and will also give him a HUGE confidence boost- which everyone needs- especially a man in a relationship who might be weary about whether he’s doing a good job or not. (Don’t forget to tell him which clothes are your favorite so he’ll wear them often!). Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. 2. 26. You helped me regain my faith in people. Seriously. Just like you appreciate him, he appreciates you. You are going to want to put more effort into it than that. Does he have that special something that only HE can do? I am happy to hear you enjoyed them. You motivate me to be a better person. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. 86. You taught me to fish. I love that we can be open and honest with each other. When you talk to people you’re focused on them. thanks guys for this article for sure it is jaw dropping, my boyfriend is soon to have birthday and i wanted to surprise with quotes but didn’t know where to start but from this article my problem is solved.from the bottom of my heart thanks to the authors. 72. They are so (handsome, mysterious, sexy, etcetera). 33. I love laying right next to you the whole night feeling safe and secure. And amazingly, all the comments resonate with him. So to solidify my care, appreciation, and love for you, my sweetheart, here are my top reasons why I love you so much. I’ve decided to write 100 reasons why I love him that I am positive he would like to hear. 4. Thank you for your positive comment! You have to have a certain type of bond to do something as fun and crazy as that. You’re always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. So there you have it: 100 reasons why I love my girlfriend. 21. Leela and Wes are complete opposites and you’d think that would be cause for a lot of drama and trouble between them, but thankfully it wasn’t! Nov 20 #403. The words ‘I love you’ can lose their meaning when you are only using them in this way. If your man can do this, he must be one amazing man. 100 Best Reasons Why I Love You 1. Well, not for you! This is not only a great boost of fatherly confidence for him, but he will continue to be involved with your kids without blinking an eye.

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