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vault 19 endings

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vault 19 endings

This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Boone spat tobacco in his eye, for all of Caesar's armies to see. He/she ensured Mr. House's tyranny was broken and neither Caesar's Legion nor NCR would ever gain control over New Vegas. The death of the Mojave Brotherhood came much too soon for Veronica, and in their absence, she felt truly lost. Hanlon commits suicide, complete the endgame quest, Hanlon commits suicide, complete the endgame. Cautious after the Boomers' display of power at Hoover Dam. Neutral Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, do not allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute? Though a few managed to erase their pasts, most never survived the journey. Bad Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute? With the help of the Gun Runners, the Boomers developed a healthy trading relationship with the NCR. Video segments 2 to 7 - These segments appear to be based on whether player completed a specific side quest. The Fiends attacked Camp McCarran during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and, despite suffering heavy losses, overran it. The few surviving members dispersed, joining up with other tribes and gangs across the Mojave, and quickly forgot their heritage. Further down the elevator hall is a small room with double beds, a floor safe, two dressers, and a single Vault 19 jumpsuit on one of the dressers. This can be used to access a tunnel beneath the desk in the overseer's office where Lem is located. Part 1: 1. Though Novac was a low-priority target for the Legion, many of Novac's citizens died in its defense. With no cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia in sight, the disgruntled nightkin left Jacobstown. Complete the quest For Auld Lang Syne, convince Remnants to aid the Legion, complete the quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion with Caesar's death. Watch Queue Queue A group of escaped convicts that broke off from the Powder Gangers after the prison break have made headquarters in Vault 19. In the anarchic months that followed, the Fiends asserted dominance over Outer Vegas. 1 Base game 1.1 Tutorial quests 1.2 Main quests 1.3 Main quest arcs 1.3.1 Independent/Yes Man quests 1.3.2 Mr. House quests 1.3.3 New California Republic quests 1.3.4 Caesar's Legion quests 1.4 Side quests 1.5 Unmarked quests 2 Dead Money 3 Honest Hearts 4 Old World Blues 5 Lonesome Road 6 Notes 7 See also Note: with the exception of Ain't That a Kick in the Head, all tutorial … An Explosives level of at least 50 and five blocks of C-4 are required to set up the explosion. Kill all the Fiend leaders: Motor-Runner, Cook-Cook, Violet, and Driver Nephi. On the left from the entrance is the cafeteria, where many escaped convicts sit idly. Arcade was tending to the locals of Freeside when he learned that Caesar's Legion had been defeated and NCR was being pushed out of New Vegas. Within the Vault Experi… Though Arcade's intentions were pure and his goals were noble, he ultimately succumbed to the harsh brutality of the, Sell Arcade into slavery as Caesar's personal doctor during. Alice McLafferty and Gloria Van Graff both left alive. The news devastated her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Everyone dead. The main purpose of the vault's experiment was to induce paranoia through non-chemical and non-violent means. Part 3: 1. It is also infested with many fire geckos and night stalkers. Complete Rex's personal quest, Nothin' But a Hound Dog, by implanting Lupa's brain in Rex. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Other As the Legion marched West, she found it difficult to see the Dam as anything more than a gravestone for the Mojave - and everyone in it. Travelers in the region soon learned to avoid the roads at night, as caravans were repeatedly attacked by unseen assailants. Though Novac eventually fell to the Legion, many citizens of Novac were able to escape, alive and intact. Still, a distance had arisen between her and her fellow members that would never be bridged. Despite his/her extreme actions, he/she was awarded with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic. Convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, complete the endgame quest, As reward for their loyal service, Caesar forcibly integrated the Great Khans into the Legion. Using the restoration patch btw. Citizens of the NCR were favorite targets, and they always suffered the worst fates. Though Novac was a low-priority target for the Legion, many of Novac's citizens died in its defense. The Courier, who had a mixed history in the Wasteland, kept the status quo at Hoover Dam. Do not convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion. Complete. Supporting the ideals of independence, the Courier was recognized as the man/woman responsible for a truly free New Vegas.

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