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centre for self determination theory

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centre for self determination theory

Abrupt walls overlook the Pacific, and great longitudinal and transversal channels and fjords run right through the heart of the range, cutting it generally in a direction more or less oblique to its axis, the result of movements of the earth's crust. In December of 2006, Brandy was driving her Land Rover along a California highway when she failed to notice the cars in front of her were coming to an abrupt halt. He was principally concerned to show that in morality, as in other departments of human life, it was not necessary to postulate a complete and abrupt gap between human and merely animal existence, but that the instincts and habits which contribute to survival in the struggle for existence among animals develop into moral qualities which have a similar value for the preservation of human and social life. Janice was devastated when her husband abruptly announced their marriage was over. The ascent to the upper plain then becomes very gentle, though there is a rise of 400 or 50o ft., until it reaches the south-eastern portion of Sargent county and changes into the more abrupt Coteau des Prairies, a plateau about 2000 ft. 2) The accident brought his career to an abrupt end. Dependency Potential and withdrawal Symptoms All references warn of avoiding abrupt withdrawal and the use of a tapered withdrawal. In the heights of Harden (2651 ft.) and Whitecoomb (2695), whence the Clyde, Tweed, Annan, and Moffat Water descend, the high moorlands have been scarped into gloomy corries, with crags and talus-slopes, which form a series of landscapes all the more striking from the abrupt and unexpected contrast which they offer to everything around them. There was an abrupt discontinuation of therapy. Did You Know? The descent from the summits of the range into the plain is somewhat less abrupt on the western than it is on the eastern side, and between the foot of the mountains and the Strait of Malacca the largest known alluvial deposits of tin are situated. The sand was abruptly gone, and he faced the Hulk across a boxing ring, in the gym where a kid with a zip gun once tried to kill Jack McGee. The onset of the flu was abrupt with fever followed by vomiting, abdominal pain and profuse diarrhea. The inland slope is gradual, but on the northern shore the range terminates in abrupt and almost perpendicular declivities, and here, consequently, some of the finest coast scenery in the island is found, widely differing, with its unbroken lines of cliffs, from the indented coast-line of the west. Now he was even being abrupt with the children. the man fell in the ocean in a abrupt way. "If the sensor in one's car detects that a deceleration is too abrupt, it will deploy the air bag." They discovered an abrupt onset of a localized neurological deficit. one or two sentences that state the focus of a piece of writing. ; Then, in a sudden expansion of youth she wondered. Abrupt; 1. He was grave and abrupt. , Artie knocked me off-balance with his abrupt change of subject. thesis statement. The history of the primitive age concludes with the story of the tower 1 The abrupt introduction of a small poem (iv. The coast of Peru has few protected anchorages, and the headlands are generally abrupt and lofty. North of Valle Hermoso the Andean ridges, while very high, are not abrupt, and the passes are more numerous than in the south; some of them descending 10,000 ft., but most of them between 13,000 and 14,000 ft. 1708) sought to elucidate the action of remedies by observations on healthy men, and in 1767 William Alexander made experiments on himself with drugs, which were, however, brought to an abrupt termination by his nearly killing himself. Use "abrupt" in a sentence. The onset of the flu was abrupt with fever followed by vomiting, abdominal pain and profuse diarrhea. The passage from winter to spring is very abrupt, and the prairies are rapidly clothed with vegetation, which, however, is soon scorched up by the sun. However, it can also be an indicator that your relationship will come to an abrupt end. The Colonel, who could not hear the remark, wondered at the abrupt pause in the game. Use "abrupt" in a sentence But then things came to an abrupt halt when the youngster fell ill last month. These "bad liars" reveal their lying because of their abrupt change in behavior when telling a lie, as well as an obvious unease with what they are saying. distance, enclosing a navigable channel; on the east, which is more abrupt and precipitous, it is much interrupted. Allowing stranger to paw through their quarters might seem tactless but I suppose I harbored animosity at their abrupt departure. East of it there is an abrupt transition to the district commonly known as the " East End," as distinguished from the wealthy " West End," a district of mean streets, roughly coincident with the boroughs of Stepney and Poplar, Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, and primarily (though by no means exclusively) associated with the problems attaching to the life of the poor. Maitea, which rises from the sea as an exceedingly abrupt cone, and Tapamanu, appear to be the only islands without almost completely encircling barrier-reefs. Viewers were surprised by the abrupt ending, although the last two episodes featured Sydney's wedding. the border of the plateau on the south-east is an abrupt escarpment, eroded where the folded structure of the mountain belt reveals a series of weaker strata; but in the north-west the plateau suffers only a gradual decrease of height and of relief, until the prairie plains are reached in central Ohio and southern Indiana and Illinois, about 150 m. The western boundary of the plains is usually well defined by the abrupt ascent of the mountains. Altogether this western extremity of the Kuen-lun system is a very rugged mountainous region, a consequence partly of the intricacy of the flanking ranges and spurs, partly of the powerful lateral compression to which they have been subjected, and partly of the great and abrupt differences in vertical elevation between the crests of the ranges and the bottoms of the deep, narrow, rugged glens between them. Her abrupt, unfriendly manner. of Santiago, where the Sierra Maestra runs close to the sea, there is a very high abrupt shore. She looked at the phone, disappointed he was so abrupt after their kiss. The northern horn of the bay is formed by Filey Brigg, a narrow and abrupt promontory, continued seaward by dangerous reefs. Multiple states and abrupt transitions at critical points The present THC is assumed to be in the upper, strong overturning branch. The London election event was brought to an abrupt end after the Islamic invaders shouted down candidates with homophobic taunts. The onset may be abrupt, without any warning in the form of a period of gradual change in the child or adolescent's behavior. The decline was an abrupt reversal of the previous three years. As regards the trend and results of Alcott's philosophic teaching, it must be said that, like Emerson, he was sometimes inconsistent, hazy or abrupt. We now appreciate too thoroughly the intricacy of the medieval Church; its vast range of activity, secular as well as religious; the inextricable interweaving of the civil and ecclesiastical governments; the slow and painful process of their divorce as the old ideas of the proper functions of the two institutions have changed in both Protestant and Catholic lands: we perceive all too clearly the limitations of the reformers, their distrust of reason and criticism - in short, we know too much about medieval institutions and the process of their disintegration longer to see in the Reformation an abrupt break in the general history of Europe. Because it signals an abrupt break in the text, the em-dash is used best … . I am sorry to sound so abrupt in this email; but clearly, something is seriously amiss at the Chartwell Gift Shop. Jennifer stops Brian from making a rather abrupt exit to check the stock. Is it possible, one cannot help asking, that the abrupt description of the strange fortunes of the "Servant" - by this time entirely personalized - was written to follow chap. open to more than one interpretation. The bicycle trail comes to an abrupt end at the river. (1) Her next remark abruptly terminated the conversation. use Abrupt in a sentence His hockey career came to an abrupt end because of knee problems. 3. The western declivity is abrupt, the land at the base of the hills being but slightly raised above the level of the sea. The accident brought his career to an abrupt end. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The curvature occasionally shows itself among horizontal or gently inclined strata in the form of an abrupt inclination, and then an immediate resumption of the previous flat or sloping character. about 20,000, fairly equally divided between Armenian Christians and Moslems. How to use abrupt in a sentence. Find more ways to say abrupt, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. It stands on an abrupt hill-spur rising above flat lowlands which form a southward continuation of Romney marsh. There is something arresting in that bold " I am the Man "; and the lyrical intensity, the religious depth and beauty of the whole, may well blind us to occasional ruggedness of metre and language, abrupt transitions from figure to figure and other alleged blemishes, some of which may not have seemed such to the poet's contemporaries (e.g. Ant came to an abrupt halt. The site includes links to recent news articles on abrupt climate change. They occur in the deepest stage of sleep and are characterized by an abrupt arousal, usually within the first hour of sleep. 3) Excuse me for my abrupt question. How can you use the word reign in as sentence as a noun? A strong hand gripped her arm, bringing her to an abrupt halt. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. : From the edges of the valley, the land rises abruptly in steep high buttes. Tanganyika has been formed by the subsidence of a long narrow tract of country relatively to the surrounding plateaus, which fall to the lake in abrupt cliffs, some thousands of feet high in places. Before I could move my car out of the driveway, the tree fell abruptly and crushed the vehicle. Without warning, my boss abruptly fired me. Syrian state media reported that corruption was the reason for his abrupt demotion. 2 meanings (click/touch triangles for details) 1 —as in: an abrupt change Definition sudden and unexpected . Transient ischaemic attacks may also lead to abrupt brief loss of consciousness. 180. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Pop. It is without a heading, and by its abrupt transitions, and honestly preserved variations of style, invites us to such a theory as we are now indicating. More words free-speech in a sentence on trial for in a sentence web site in a sentence half that of in a sentence public money in a sentence spontaneous in a sentence late-term in a sentence a type of in a sentence hassle in a sentence most common in a sentence It was his favorite memory, that which preceded his abrupt knowledge of war and the world at large. To the south of Hythe this shore borders the wide expanse of Romney Marsh, which, immediately west of Hythe, is overlooked by a line of abrupt hills, but for the rest is divided on the north from the drainage system of the Stour only by a slight uplift. Of the thirteen parliaments summoned by that sovereign, only one, the last, was held at Edinburgh, but his assassination in the Blackfriars' monastery at Perth led to the abrupt transfer of the court and capital from the Tay to the Forth. Sentence with the word abrupt. The northern and western parts of this plateau have an average elevation a little less than that of the Atlantic margin, and their slopes are toward the south and east, those of Goyaz and Matto Grosso being abrupt and deeply eroded. He turned abruptly and left the room. Closely allied to the question of safety is the problem of preventing jolting at curves; and to obtain easy running it is necessary not merely to adjust the levels of the rails in respect to one another, but to tail off one curve into the next in such a :nanner as to avoid any approach to abrupt lateral changes of direction. Direct Launch: A direct, abrupt launch can propel the coaster along the length of its track. The growth patterns of certain muscles in the beef carcass also may show an abrupt change in growth rate at birth. Gladys made an abrupt departure on a corner. abruptly example sentences. It is picturesquely situated in a theatre of lofty, abrupt rocks, on the right bank of the western Euphrates, which is crossed by a wooden bridge. by an abrupt slope rising to a height of from 300 to Soo ft. From these hills southward the ridge gradually becomes less abrupt until in Walsh county it vanishes into prairie. Of course, all of the sudden could be called for in a sentence under certain circumstances and be the correct phrase. At a distance from the central core the radiating ridges become less abrupt and descend with a gentle gradient, finally passing somewhat abruptly, at a height of some 7000 ft., into the level plateau. The abrupt cessation of such an inexhaustible fount of enterprise and energy was a distinct loss to Sweden; and signs are not wanting that, in his latter years, Charles had begun to feel the need and value of repose. climatic order. She brushed by him and he caught her arm, bringing her to an abrupt halt. Insect metamorphosis may be briefly described as phenomena of development characterized by abrupt changes of appearance and of structure, occurring during the period subsequent to embryonic development and antecedent to the reproductive state. There is no indication of an abrupt change from the use of stone to the use of metal such as might have occurred had the knowledge of copper and bronze, and the methods of working them, been introduced through the conquest of the original inhabitants by an alien race of superior culture and civilization. A sudden quaking seized me. On the eastern side the slope is so abrupt as to make ascent difficult and at places impossible, but the western slope, on account of a dip of the rock to the N.W., is more gradual. Abrupt withdrawal from drugs or medications, including barbiturates and benzodiazepines, can also induce these sleep disturbances. This indefiniteness of images is sometimes said to be due to diffraction by the edge of the aperture, and proposals have even been made for curing it by causing the transition between the interrupted and transmitted parts of the primary wave to be less abrupt. The times were about to make an abrupt change, but there was still one more surprise to be wretched from an already over stretched (if you'll pardon the pun) Spandex industry: slingshot swimsuits. However, the sudden death of Charles Alexander in March 1737 put an abrupt end to these plans, and the regent, Charles Rudolph of Wurttemberg-Neuenstadt, had Oppenheimer hanged. Kawasaki syndrome has an abrupt onset, with fever as high as 104°F (40°C) and a rash that spreads over the patient's chest and genital area. ; Then he fell back with a sharp and sudden exclamation. ... is used to indicate an abrupt break in thought or to show special emphasis in a sentence. The withdrawal is so severe that it can lead to fetal distress, which makes abrupt detoxification too dangerous for the baby. In 1841 the tracts were brought to an abrupt termination by the publication of Newman's tract No. lii. Abrupt definition, sudden or unexpected: an abrupt departure. A turn in the political wheel brought an abrupt change four years later, in 1894. The road came to an abrupt end. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Depending on the context, an em-dash—so named because its width matches a typesetter’s capital M—can take the place of a comma, parenthesis, or a colon in a sentence. 2 It was he, too, who restored the ancient supremacy of Babylonia over Syria and Palestine, and so prevented the Babylonizing of these countries from coming to an abrupt end. 20 examples: To assuage the collective anxiety produced by this abrupt transition… The effects produced by abrupt changes of temperature or section, or by pressing 'together pieces of the same metal at different temperatures, are probably to be explained as effects of strain. He caught her arm, bringing her to an abrupt halt. Examples of abrupt transition in a sentence, how to use it. Bismarck published the telegram in which this information and the refusal of the king were conveyed, but by omitting part of the telegram made it appear that the request and refusal had both been conveyed in a more abrupt form than had really been the case.'. When Nicole found out she was pregnant with Harlow, her partying lifestyle came to an abrupt, and it seems permanent, stop. One transaction that did close reflected the abrupt drop in pricing. Their honeymoon came to an abrupt halt when the bride found her new husband in the arms of another woman. The abrupt ending to the season prompted Adam Pearson to fork out £ 800,000 on new players. The town lies in a bare district on the slope and flat summit of an abrupt elevation, higher ground rising to the north and south across the river. parallel to the coast; it differs, however, from the western range in that its fall on the landward side is as abrupt and nearly as great as on its seaward side. , The accident brought his career to an abrupt end. Sim voices change from childhood to adulthood and the sound transition between game modes is much more smooth and far less abrupt as it was in the original. ; Then came again the sudden crafty look. Typical influenza symptoms include the abrupt onset of a headache, dry cough, and chills, rapidly followed by overall achiness and a fever that may run as high as 104°F (40°C). The eastern slopes are abrupt and difficult, and are a serious impediment to communication with the coast. These cookies do not store any personal information. I cannot allow myself to hope again; the drop into failure is too abrupt. Examples of Abrupt in a sentence. Subdural hematomas in children and adolescents are usually abrupt onset or acute and are brought about by accident or injury. Moreover, if we attribute such a structure to gases, we are led to attribute it to liquids and to solids also, since gases can be liquefied without any abrupt change, and many substances usually solid can be converted into gases by heating them. ; And then this cruel and sudden death. The bus came to an abrupt halt outside the school. There was an abrupt cessation of that frantic cry. cit. Prince Andrew broke the silence with his abrupt voice, you were pleased to send me to Captain Tushin's battery. The term abrupt climate change arose in the study of past climate. Another word for abrupt. On their west edge lies an abrupt, massive, and strangely uniform chain of mountains, known in the neighbourhood of Colorado Springs as the Rampart Range, and in the extreme north as the Front Range, and often denominated as a whole by the latter name. in 1513, along with other disastrous results of the battle of Flodden, brought this era of prosperity to an abrupt close. It should be observed that these deviations are continuous, and differ in character from the abrupt changes observed by Tait in special cases. She tends to be abrupt with people who interfere. These children still can benefit from speech therapy, but they may become resistant to treatment because they are confused about the abrupt change in the family's behavior. transient ischaemic attacks may also lead to abrupt brief loss of consciousness. . All Rights Reserved. The first exponent of the theory of sudden appearance of new parts and new types, to our knowledge, was Geoffroy St Hilaire, who suggested saltatory evolution through the direct action of the environment on development, as explaining the abrupt transitions in the Mesozoic Crocodilia and the origin of the birds from the reptiles. Consequently, it seems illogical to bring my studying of the subject to such an abrupt end. Sitting on Dan's lap, pumping my fist to the music as a friend pushed us around, we suddenly we came to an abrupt halt. The northern part of the western side of the anticline is broken off by a great fault in the valley of the Eden, and the scarp thus formed is rendered more abrupt by the presence of a sheet of intrusive basalt. The abrupt list of example sentences with abrupt. The snow-clad peaks of the main Caucasus, descending by short, steep slopes, fringe the valley on the north, while an abrupt escarpment, having the characteristics of a border ridge of the Armenian highlands, fronts it on the south. was assailed by violent outcries, amidst which it was impossible for him to be heard, so that he was compelled to bring his speech to an abrupt close, which he did with the calm remark: "In such a council as this I had expected to find more propriety, piety and order.". ; I was governed merely by a sudden and thoughtless impulse. Then, abruptly, the lines in his forehead disappeared and his eyes lit up with delight. There is no evidence of a rebound effect after abrupt discontinuation of therapy. 5. , Our conversation came to an abrupt end when George burst into the room. . The descent to the open country is somewhat abrupt. The process of destruction of the larval tissues was first studied in the forms where metamorphosis is greatest and most abrupt, viz. north-east of Calcutta, which presents an abrupt front to the progress of the moist winds flowing up from the Bay of Bengal. slacken the rope and drop the weight with an abrupt thud. Westward of Berbera the ascent to the high country is not so abrupt as in the east but is made by several steps, the mountains forming a chaotic mass. In "The Lesson," the young boy hears of the news of his father's death in a very abrupt way. The fusion of the two is found in the abrupt hiatus of iii. The effect of such a transition-layer can easily be calculated, at least approximately; but it is of little use to take account of it except in the case of a theory of reflection that gives Fresnel's formulae as the result of an abrupt transition. A narrative of Eli and the priesthood of Shiloh has probably been used to form an introduction to Samuel's victory (vii. The story of James de la Cloche is indeed itself another historical mystery; he abruptly vanishes as such at Rome at the end of 1668, and thus provides a disappearance of convenient date; but the question concerning him is complicated by the fact that a James Henry de Bovere Roano Stuardo, who married at Naples early in 1669 and undoubtedly died in the following August, claiming to be a son of Charles II., makes just afterwards an equally abrupt appearance; in many respects the two men seem to be the same, but Monsignor Barnes, following Lord Acton, here regards James Stuardo as an impostor who traded on a knowledge of James de la Cloche's secret. the mountains close down again, and the narrow inlet or fjord of Carlingford Lough separates the abrupt heights of the Carlingford and Mourne Mountains. The Finance Minister’s abrupt departure from the Cabinet was a major topic of discussion in the news today. There are several other times during pregnancy when backaches are common, but in the earliest stages, most back discomfort is caused by abrupt hormonal changes. Night terrors: A common childhood sleep disruption characterized by an abrupt arousal from stage 4 sleep within the first hour of the sleep period. Any conversations I had with Martha were short, bordering on abrupt. Master of a form of language peculiarly sweet and euphonical, and possessed of a delicate ear which instinctively suggested the most musical arrangement possible, he gives his sentences, without art or effort, the most agreeable flow, is never abrupt, never too diffuse, much less prolix or wearisome, and being himself simple, fresh, naif (if we may use the word), honest and somewhat quaint, he delights us by combining with this melody of sound simple, clear and fresh thoughts, perspicuously expressed, often accompanied by happy turns of phrase, and always manifestly the spontaneous growth of his own fresh and unsophisticated mind. His stay at Walthamstow was brief, his departure abrupt, and he went to school no more. The coast scenery near Boscastle is severely beautiful, with abrupt cliffs fully exposed to the sea, and broken only by a few picturesque inlets such as Crackington Cove and Pentargan Cove.

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